Outcomes Report

London 2018 Summit Major project delivery and digital transformation

We were excited to host the 5th Global Infrastructure Initiative Summit in London from October 29-31, 2018. We hope this report, capturing the broad themes discussed and the summit’s best ideas, will serve as a guide for the GII community in moving the industry forward. Progress is a collective effort, and participants at the Summit identified ideas that individual organizations can pursue and opportunities for industry leaders to collectively address to tackle the industry’s biggest challenges. We look forward to engaging with these efforts and ask that each of you commits to implementing at least one of these ideas before we reconvene in Montreal in 2020.

Explore the ideas below or download a printable version. We welcome your ideas, recommendations, and updates at info@giiconnect.com.

Making progress

GII aspires to help industry leaders improve infrastructure delivery and get more out of existing assets. The industry has made great strides—yet challenges remain, and new ones are emerging. We identified specific actions to help catalyze further progress.

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Key actions:

  • Innovate early in planning processes and design for the future
  • Digitize and automate processes and systems
  • Prioritize capability building and recruiting new talent
  • Invest in resilient and climate-smart infrastructure
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An outcome-focused approach and experimentation with new ways of working can enhance project planning.


Key actions:

  • Refine business plans and forecasts using data analytics
  • Build flexible assets to capture a range of funding sources over time
  • Include diverse revenue sources in financing plans
  • Build and broaden investors’ in-house digital expertise
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Technology and data analytics are transforming project investment trends and opportunities.


Key actions:

  • Scale the use of interoperable and modular components
  • Measure progress against a well-defined, outcome-focused business case
  • Use real-time management data to enable early identification of project issues
  • Adopt collaborative contracts that incorporate risk sharing and clear requirements
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Disruption of project delivery is under way. Who is best positioned to take the lead and reap the benefits?


Key actions:

  • Adopt a user-centric view
  • Use technology to break down barriers between assets and systems
  • Consider regulatory and procurement changes to set the conditions for innovation
  • Plan for changes in mobility as the biggest disruptor across all types of infrastructure
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Infrastructure assets must be flexible and able to adapt to emerging technologies and user expectations over the course of operations.

Cross-Cutting Ideas

Connecting Eurasia

Minimizing risk will be critical to attracting the private and multi-lateral financing needed to close Asia's $8 trillion infrastructure investment gap.

Cultivating great project leaders

Successful delivery of critical infrastructure is reliant on a pipeline of talented and diverse project leaders.

Sector-Specific Roundtables

Energy & Resources

The next wave of major projects will demand skilled project leaders who can navigate the new digital landscape.

Engineering & Construction

A manufacturing-style approach to construction could dramatically transform project planning and delivery.

Real Estate

Global trends are disrupting the real estate market. Developers and investors must anticipate and address them to stay competitive.

London 2018 Site Visits

GII participants went behind-the-scenes at some of London’s most complex and innovative major projects.

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