Outcomes Report

Singapore 2017 Summit New Solutions for Global Infrastructure

We were excited to host the 4th Global Infrastructure Initiative Summit in Singaporeā€”our first time in Asia. We hope this report, capturing the summit’s best ideas, will serve as a guide for the GII community in moving the industry forward. Progress is a collective effort, and we ask that each of you commits to implementing at least one of these ideas before we reconvene in Europe in 2018.

Explore the ideas below or download a printable version. We welcome your ideas, recommendations, and updates at info@giiconnect.com.

Making progress

GII aspires to stimulate leaders to improve the way that they deliver critical infrastructure and to get more out of existing infrastructure and capital projects. Based on the 2017 Summit, we believe we are making progress.

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Key actions:

  • Reconcile long planning cycles with rapidly changing expectations and usage patterns.
  • Make better use of digital technology (especially that which is already proven) to understand needs.
  • Evolve the public-sector procurement process to focus on outcomes.
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New tools, techniques, and approaches to delivering infrastructure in a changing world


Key actions:

  • Improve project bankability by shifting toward the subsidization of individual users.
  • Measure, track, and elevate the performance of government organizations in the execution of PPPs.
  • Use big data and advanced analytics to better price risk into the underwriting process, enabling capital flows in infrastructure.
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New solutions for developing bankable, sustainable infrastructure projects


Key actions:

  • Adopt relational contracting to promote a collaborative project environment instead of one based on conflict.
  • Make skill- and capability-building activities an ongoing practice.
  • Learn from other industries to embrace rapidly evolving technologies and create a culture of innovation.
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Rethinking the way we build and deliver infrastructure and capital projects


Key actions:

  • Integrate data and leverage technology to optimize asset efficiency.
  • Develop a digitization strategy that drives productivity and innovation while protecting against cyberattacks.
  • Shift from rules-based to outcomes-based procurement for operations providers.
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Maximizing value from existing assets while addressing emerging threats


Much remains to be done if the industry is to take the bold steps necessary to deliver 21st-century infrastructure. As we prepare for the 2018 GII Summit in Europe, we thank those who joined us in 2017 for their energy and insights, and share here a collection of resources and insights to move the conversation forward.

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